Wow, are you the one who created this?

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    I used to Use Kazaa and then that was thrown out. Then Limewire and that was thrown out. Now I use frostwire. At FIRST upon hearing what was going on, I really thought that the government caught up with P2P sites like Frostwire again like they did with Kazaa lol. But, then I realized it wasnt the government, its actually just someone really smart.

    I downloaded a song, and previewed it. It said something like "To remove this ad visit" (hopefully I'm not outing anyone on here!

    After visiting limewirelaw I realized this was one of those sites like CPA or PTS where the site owner actually spammed the crap out of limewire and frostwire and created this website to scare people into filling out an offer. Unfort it did not work on me. But, I think we all know that some people are really naive or.. stupid. So I am sure this guy is making money from a lot of people - especially considering I partially downloaded about 20 songs and they ALL had this warning on them.

    If this is your workings - bravo. Then again, stop f*cking with my music downloads! lol