Would you play along if it would be to your advantage?

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Would you do it right or would you spam it?

  1. I'd take the time and develop my properties well.

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  2. I'd spam the s#it out of it.

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  3. I would not even bother using it.

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    I am considering building a content platform. Basically a multi-blog site like wordpress.com but with some additions and designed from ground up to distribute and and pass link juice to the blogs and wherever the blogs link to (your money sites).

    There's a catch however. If you use it like most people use most web 2.0 platforms (spam it to death with superficial, unreadable content and make just 1 post/blog) you'd get nothing extra compared to any other web 2.0 platform (e.g. wordpress.com). However, if you'd invest the time and effort to build up your account every member would benefit from it and you'd benefit from it yourself because it's a circle - what goes around comes around. In other words instead of just blasting some posts and forgetting about it, you'd have to interact with other members, blogs, groups, etc. - each would give you a link.

    Also, if you would publish decent content and all the posts on your blog would be decent (as in readable and like a manually written post by an actual person not poorly spun crap), you'd get links to them from the main site (domain) which helps a lot. Imagine getting a link to yourblog.wordpress.com from wordpress.com/some-page - that is huge trust passed. even more, if you'd write truly interesting posts, regardless of the subject - the kind that are not just another post but worth reading, you'd have the chance to submit it to get checked out by a moderator and if trully good have it featured on the homepage -> that would be massive PR and trust flow.

    The whole point is it would give you great value in terms of link juice but you have to put a bit of effort and time in it. Most people would never do this, most people just want to blindly spam even though those links have very low value.

    Bottom line is it would be a community effort to maintain quality and interact (in order to increase the interlinking) and everybody would benefit from it. Is like building a house - probably impossible or at least very difficult and time consuming for a single person to do it, but if you're 10, it gets very easy and each only has to do very little.

    So, would you choose to do it properly, invest some time and effort into developing your properties there and reap the benefits or would you just add it to your spam list?