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    In building my own autoblogs over the years and also given the amount of testing we have to do with AutoBlogged, we have accumulated a massive number of hosting accounts in datacenters all over the world, many of them reseller accounts.

    What it comes down to is that we have access to thousands of unused hosting accounts across hundreds of distinct class A IP blocks.

    And I realized some things about SEO-related hosting:

    • SEO doesn't need massive traffic to be effective
    • You usually don't need a bunch of extras like email hosting, website builders, mailing lists, etc.
    • You don't benefit much from hosting hundreds of sites on a single IP
    • You don't need 99.999% uptime when 99.5% is good enough
    • You don't need massive bandwidth or disk space
    • You don't need fancy control panels
    • You don't need technical support to hold your hand setting things up
    However, what you do need is different IP addresses, geo diversity, and different providers.

    So what I was wondering is if other people out there would be interested in us developing 10-packs or 20-packs of small, no frills, hosting accounts across multiple providers at a price of about $1.50-$2/account/month that you can manage all in one place?