Would you like a video section on BHW?


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Jul 16, 2008
I would love a video section on BHW :) People could record their tricks and upload it! This would be very helpful to the members. Please let me know if anyone else would like this feature? Hopefully they will add it one day
also,that wud require a lot of space and bandwidth.
it will scale up the cost of forum management through eh roof.
if vids are posted to yt or something the only thing thats needed here is a video tutorial section where people can post links.
Well the members can just upload the video to youtube and embed the video player code in the thread. So I don't think a video section is really necessary.
Video section on BHW would be great, but only if BHW started charging monthly subscription it would be possible, because of server costs,not a good move.
This is kind of a silly thread. I was hoping a mod started this and wanted to gauge interest.

However, if they were going to do this, why not have people post the videos on youtube (and password them or something) and just have a links section. Or, they could post them on Vimeo or whatever those other companies that put advertising on their videos are and make a little extra $ by having ads...
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