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    Feb 6, 2008
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    Hi guys,

    I am thinking about setting up a newsletter subscription where I would reveal 100 profitable niches, that niches search volume, the most searched keywords(lots of keywords, maybe 1k or more) and with less competition for that niche, the sites that are ranking the highest for that niche and the site's info, like how many back links, domain age, pr, etc... and some PLR articles and reports that you can use to monetize the niche. This newsletter would be delivered weekly with 100 different niches every week. Not sure how much it would cost but not to much...any suggestions on the price?

    This offer can make a lot of money, me and two friends have been making a good amount of money with this in the past week. I'll be sure to put some proof up in my sales page if a good amount of people seem interested.. Plus it works for almost any marketing, PPC, making sites that sell your own product, affiliate marketing, etc... I will probably offer a series of ebooks to my customers that will show them how to make the most use of the offer. I think I would limit this offer.

    Is this service something you would buy or something that you think others would buy? And is there another feature you would like to see, such as expiring domains with PR for that week?

    This is interesting for me if you all are interested because its almost all automated so it requires little to no work on my end :)