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    i know this is a bit stupid and a bit of (fraud?)but i think its quite ok idea myself and know quite much just what i need for it. And i know some people here do similar to this. So

    my idea was i could check some niche with low adwords clicks. Then build some webpage saying bla bla bla about it.

    There would be iframed zip submit offer with only that email slot and submit button visible. ( Most of these have all i agree and options already chosen)
    so i would say download our free report by entering email here. and then they would do the email submit offer . Now you could do 2 things . rotate offers in iframe pick up 5-x number offers with same landing page , different networks?

    and if you have 10 of those you could iframe other 9 offers to your LP ( this requires rotating lp i just realised) so out of 100 visitor you would have 10% conversion ( well not much more atleast) with 100% real conversion.

    AM told me that the company wants certain % of people fill out the 2nd page form too ( where we send ur giftcard) so you could mix there some whitehad leads or pay for people some extra to do that.

    I doubt really low % of people take on those offers they need you to do to get your gift card.

    If some1 can answer thought about this im really really happy u know