Would this result in better conversions... more sales and more money!

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by WebInvestor, Dec 20, 2010.

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    Hey Guys,

    I'm in the midst of testing, but just pout of curiosity, in theory what do you think of this little method, would it produce better conversion rates.

    So let's say you happen to get your website to #1 in Google and you are seeing 200 uniques per day. From those 200 uniques, 15% of them are clicking on your affiliate links and heading to your advertisers page.

    So you send 30 people... but nothing converts

    3 days later when you have successfully sent at least 90 people you see 1 sale.

    Your advertiser claims that there website converts at 1.5%, but the problem is the conversion from your website to the advertisers page you are losing a lot of people.


    My theory....

    Once I am in the number 1 spot, I see I have about three - five days before my site gets reevaluated with a significant change. This significant change is a 301 redirect from my domain straight to the advertisers page.

    So essentially, the 200 uniques i get per day in the #1 spot would then all be landing on the advertisers page through a masked affiliate link.

    Now instead of 3 days = 90 people
    3 days = 600 people, potentially earning me 6 sales or so based on their conversion.


    Obviously I would lose my ranking, but then I would take the 301 redirect off and continue with the process....

    In any case, I'm just wondering your thoughts on the theory, I'm currently going to be testing it....
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    Why don't you just load the affiliate link in an iframe over the top of your page? Cloak it so it only displays for Windows users or something like that...

    Seems smarter and you can leave it up permanently.