Would this MMO Plan Work?

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    Create a domain like:

    On the domain create a mini site:
    For the mini site have 30 keyword rich articles relating to bad credit, and credit cards.

    Create a free ebook related to the topic, maybe with a list of bad credit credit card offers (affiliate links of course)...

    Use this site for PPC campaigns. When someone enters - have one of those in-page popups popup offering the ebook to download when they sign up for the newsletter.

    Use SENuke to bookmark each of the articles on the site, and write posts on blogger blogs linking to each article, each blog post being a spinned overview of the article with a 'read more' link, linking to the minisite.

    Write some keyword rich squidoo articles on the subject as well linking back to an article sharing the same keywords.

    Create another blogger blog linking only to the first blog, and squidoo pages that I create.

    SENUKE all the pages - slowly though so as not to send up red flags.

    Monetize the site with bidvertiser(am adsense banned), ppa(email submit).

    Or would it be better (since this is easier) -- to just setup a wordpress blog on the domain - install caffeinated content, grab like 1000 articles -spread over a 6 month period. Still have the newsletter signup form - which I'll use to send out 'specials offers related to the topic.

    I guess one major question is
    Which is better - wordpress w/ caffeinated content - or minisite with 30 original, yet static articles?

    Any other suggestions, better suggestions?

    I'd like to make it once then leave it and move on to the next project.

    Let me know your thoughts...