would this be relatively easy to rank for?

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    Hi, I am currently doing some keyword research and I think I've found a good niche and I was wondering if you guys could just help me out a little.
    If I search the keyword in google it comes up with over 22 million results, however if you search it in quotation marks "" it only comes up with 50 thousand results. The website with the exact keyword.com is avaliable. Would this keyword be relatively simple to rank for?
    intitle:"my keyword" gives 50 results
    inurl:"my keyword" gives 350 thousand results

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    How many exact monthly searches does the keyword with the exact mathc domain have?
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    Trying to make a buck or two
    Those numbers really do not mean anything. The best thing to do is do a Google search (without quotes) and take a look at the sites on the first page. Those are the only sites that matter, you need to be on the first page to make any money so those 10 sites are your competition those other 5k or 5 mil sites really do not enter in the equation at all.

    Look at the sites at #10, #5, #3, and #1 and ask yourself two questions. First is can you beat any of those sites. If the answer is yes than you ask yourself if the amount of income you project that you will earn from that ranking will be worth the work/time/money it is going to take to get there. Will that ranking give you a good enough ROI to make it worth doing? If the answer to both questions is yes then you go for it, if the answer to either is not then you move on to something else.