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Would my rankings suffer because of this (subdomains, and too many affiliate links)

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by bpmik, Dec 15, 2013.

  1. bpmik

    bpmik Newbie

    Feb 4, 2013
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    I basically have 2 questions, the first is about subdomains.

    I am thinking of setting up a Wordpress multisite with subdomains. So I would purchase a generic domain name, ie: mydomain.com then run specific niche websites under subdomains, such as coffee.mydomain.com and sports.mydomain.com

    I was thinking of making the "main" domain a place that shows the latest articles and comments from any of the subdomains.


    From cheese.mydomain.com - Article - Read more.... (link to cheese.mydomain.com/article)
    From cars.mydomain.com - Article - Read more.... (link to cars.mydomain.com/article)

    Hope that makes sense. Is that a kind of site layout google wouldn't like? Unrelated subdomains linked by a generic domain?

    Second question, I am starting monetizing with simple amazon links. Write articles, link to related book topics on amazon. Show specific books throughout the article. Is there a point where I hit "too much" affiliate linking?

    I might go like this

    Adsense (?)
    Paragraph 1
    Paragraph 2
    Nice table with links to 4 related books on Amazon
    Paragraph 3
    Paragraph 4
    Paragraph 5
    Nice table with links to 4 related books on Amazon
    Paragraph 6
    Closing text
    Link to other related articles on subdomain

    Please comment if you think this is good/bad site design. I don't want to invest in too many seperate domains before I really start earning money online. Hence why I want to make subdomains. I have many ideas for small niche sites and I think they would best fit into subdomains with adsense and amazon monetization but I don't want to be punished for linking too many ads (is 8 books too much? 12 books? 20?). I realize there is no single answer but curious your thoughts. Thank you.
  2. tranza

    tranza Power Member

    Jan 9, 2012
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    check out about.com how they do it.