Would multi-language mirrors improve ranking?

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    I have a website for a UK based business that I'm ranking well on however I've noticed a keyword competitor doing something odd...

    Basically they have about 10 different Country Code TLDs for their domain name (.in .jp .fr .de etc) but each site is literally a translated version of their main .com site. All the pages can be accessed from each other's page however they aren't simply the site with a translation plugin running on them they are actually hosted mirrors of the site.

    But here's the odd thing - the company are a regional company operating from a single office in the UK. They don't have any business overseas so I'm really not sure why they have mirror sites like this unless it's purely for SEO, or just a gimmick?

    So the question is would this help SEO? I know Google doesn't penalise translated duplicate content and the links between the mirrors count as backlinks but would this really be worth the expense to register all the domains and host the mirrors?

    I've never seen anyone doing this before so just wondered what they're up to!!!
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