Would lkie feedback on my idea plz.

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    wasup.this is my first post on BHW.although I've been using the boards for research. I had two ideas that I'd like to get some feedback on...My first idea: I have around 21-30GB of adult movies on my computer.mostly niche videos...and my idea was to start a site where I would offer the downloads completely free..And for this site which way of making money in your opinion would be best..I was thinking working with Adsense and an affiliate company.However is Adsense adult friendly,and what affiliate programs are adult friendly? I believe Adult friend finder and fling.com are...Sure there's more though...and would it be better to make it a membership site?...Also is Upload.com adult friendly? I was thinking using upload.come to get paid for when people download the vidoes.that way I can actually make somethng back on what I spent for the videos..As opposed to only making money through the sites traffic....any suggestions..I also had the idea of instead of posting affiliate banners around the site.Instead I would have certian thumbnails linked to the affiliate sites.how about that way? Such as other free porn site do it. ; have you clicking thorugh multiple thumbnail sites, till eventually can actually download somethng.or u get to the paid site where it can be downloaded....

    My nxt site is also a niche site..I have the entire DragonBall GT series.33 episodes.not sure how many hours.but seems like forever. Around 15 DVD's each about 1-2.....basically I would do the same thing as with the adult site.( Adsense and Affiliate programs)....But I dont want to be spending any money beside maybe for a killer domain name, is my main goal..Jus receiving money.lol:D.....so Any help..if anybody would like to join the venture with me jus let me kno. and I'll be glad to go 50/50 with you if u can help make it a sucess.