Would like to collate all Penguin recovery info if possible....

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by theindiaphile, Jul 10, 2012.

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    A main site of mine has been hit by Penguin. It has 50,000 backlinks, high pr, is in a lot of the major directories like Yahoo, Best of the Web, and so on. Was ranking superbly well for top keywords. Since Penguin, nada. Nothing works. No matter what links it receives, there is no movement, or almost no movement of any kind. This site now has 30 EMD's backing it up, all bought specifically as feeder sites and they're not working. They have original content, authoritative outbound links, and backlinks..

    I'm at the point of just ditching this domain and moving on but having run it for several years and poured a LOT of money into it, I am reluctant. Also, it would be nice to know how to fix this in case it happens....

    Looking for the finest minds in BHW to give their input, strategies, techniques...

    I have trawled the web, watched every post panda video, and so far I have not seen anything of real value....
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    Hey india,

    Mind sending me the site so that I can take a look at the link profile?
    Maybe one can see, if it looks like an algorithm-penalty.

    If it is a manual penalty, hmm.. that would be the baddest case. Only cleaning the links + reconsideration request would be a possiblity in that case.
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    I have a clients sites in exactly the same situation. Was hit by one of panda updates way back in february, and hasn't really recovered since. The site also has 50k backlinks, its own set of .com feeder sites, all built with unique content, loads of unique web 2.0 etc... The site is 4 years old, with good PR.

    However it has never had a message about unatural links in webmaster tools, so I'm not sure what has taken it down.