Would it work? Exact Name Domain matching feeder sites

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    I've got a niche that has a lot of traffic and I'm making a product I plan on selling When I was registering my domain name I found that there was a ton of domain names available that are in my keyword lists. I was wondering if I could buy them up and set up some websites with REAL content on them and more or less use them as a funnel to my main sites landing pages . I would still be counting on my main money site to rank high for all of the terms as well but if my site and my feeder sites could be on the first page than that would nice.

    For example, lets say my niche is SAT educational software for highschool kids. And the domains - SATstudy.com - SATimprovement.com - SATsoftware.com- ect, was available, could I register those and then at SATstudy.com set up a fake blog of a guy blogging about his experiences studying for the SAT, and then have my money sites banners all over the place, maybe a couple of blog posts where he talks about my products. Then on SATsoftware, set up a software review site that again has banners to my money site, reviews of other software and of course my products are in the top 3. I would put in a descent amount of work to get content in there and some short linkbuilding.

    I'm thinking the exactphrase domain names would bring in a lot of traffic Would I have to register them under different names and dates? I would guess that I'd have to be careful of my linking structure and actually link to some competitiors as well, right?

    Any advice, thoughts?