Worst Week Ever: Back To The Drawing Board

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by unknown00, Jul 13, 2009.

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    Jun 6, 2009
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    So about a week ago i was terminated from 1 of the affiliate programs i joined.. The termination wasnt instant, i was given noticed so it actually took a couple of days to happen. I managed to make as much money possible with what little time i had left with no effort @ all.(bot) A couple days ago i logged into my account only to find out that for some reason my earnings were reversed by like $600.. boohoohooo.....so im like fuck it i still got big G to play with... Everything was fine until today i logged into big G only to find out i cant log in.. account Disabled...So within a weeks time both of my campaigns fucked me over sending me back to the drawing board......The part i dont understand about my 1st campaign is why would they terminate me if the leads i sent are legit?? After i get my deposit around the 20th i will make a thread about how to make $50-$100 daily and what sites to target, along with what network to join... This market is far from being saturated....You have the ability to make more than $100 daily but it would raise a red flag.......The most i ever made was $800 overnite
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    that sucks. were you doing anything funny with the bid g?
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    So...if you knew you were getting the boot, why did you think they would send you the money if you continued? I assuming you didn't get paid for the last part of your campaign.