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Worst First Time Blog Authority Journey

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by toxic08, Jun 16, 2016.

  1. toxic08

    toxic08 Regular Member

    Dec 4, 2015
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    Hey guys, this is my first blog authority ever.

    Why I'm doing this?
    - I dunno but all I know is not to brag anything. Maybe for my own reference or maybe I'm doing this just to increase my messages here. :p

    Things you need to know:
    1. I have bad English (very very bad)
    2. I slightly know "basic" SEO but with ZERO with blackhat stuffs (web 2.0, 301, Xrumer, and other) and advance white hat SEO (guest posting, advance on-page SEO, alt images, and other).
    3. I'm fvcking broke. I write my own articles, SEO, social media. I do my own shit
    4. I will only update this once a week
    5. More in the future

    1. It will suck - - - HARD!
    2. I will only publish 1800+ words, once a week ( I choose Wednesday, as I read it has more engagement and it fits my sched)
    3. 5 or more do follow to authority sites (no follow to companies, services and others obviously)
    4. Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn)
    5. Tweet to sources

    SEO Plan:
    1. Blog commenting
    2. Create my own aged web 2.0
    3. Fvck I don't have enough plan, give me some

    Preparation and other stuffs happen before Post 1:

    • I put my domain on "development mode".
    • I bought the domain in July 2015, and done some blog commenting every week until I got what I want which turns out to be "something useless".
    • What I want is a PageRank 3 and Google give it in 2 months, it works but I don't know now. Just do some REAL blog commenting on your target niche. Almost all of my anchor links are my pseudo name though, but I think google likes it.
    • I also build the 3 most popular social media: Twitter, Google+, and Facebook. I subscribed to Google News with my keywords and use "Buffer" to post newest articles from my niche (I also use this for blog commenting). I believe this is better, I already have 400+ posts on all of 3 social media and 100+ followers on Twitter before I even start my Post 1.
    • Register to Snappa.io to create my own featured images. Their free membership features 4 image download/month. I think they are far better than Canva. Right now, I already have 40+ images from them (I created 2 accounts)
    • Do some fake keyword research. Why fake? Because I dont fvckin know how to do the real one!!! (BTW: I think the average difficulty on my niche is medium to high)
    • I targetted mostly long-tail keywords but the sad part is, they only have 40-200 search but I think it's a start.
    • I write post based on the top performing keyword. I already have 8 reserved blog posts, too bad I'm so lazy to write. It's also stress me so much. What I do is I at least write 200 words per day.
    • I also transfer my hosting to HawkHost from AB-Hosting (seller who suddenly disappear here in BHW).
    • Since, I'm fvcking noob using English, I have Grammarly Premium.
    Note: I will only update this post whenever I'm done doing some SEO and promotion to this blog's latest post.
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  2. toxic08

    toxic08 Regular Member

    Dec 4, 2015
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    I already posted my first article in first week of June. It's 3000+ words which I think is good enough for Google but I think it's very very bad to read. Complete with images, inforgraphics and a youtube video. I also tweeted all the sources I linked with do follow. Done social bookmarking, forum posting and I also craft my 4 first comments to engage readers which luckily works (I have 8 comments by this time).

    I post it on facebook groups and forums which gives me almost all the page views. I still do blog commenting 2 - 5 times a week.

    Stats -
    Page views for a week: 481
    Targetted Keywords SERP: 30 - 60 Dancing for a week
    Total Expenses: $10 (Proofreading from Fiverr (which sucks, I can do better myself), Hosting from AB-Hosting and I transfer to HawkHost.
    Earnings: None ( I don't even have Adsense account)
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