Worry about tier 2 links or indexing if I have HA backlinks?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by AckAck, Sep 16, 2016.

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    My boss gives me a 3k month budget for buying links, we are geo focused. So I like to focus on niche only and sometimes sponsors/charity/scholarship sites with great metrics. I solely focus on high DA and good TF. Without blabbing on, do I need to worry about tier 2's or indexing? The only thing I can imagine is tier 2's for local citations?? I ask because I havent done SEO for years now. It's been only 3 months at this company and I do see is now top 30 for a HIGHLY COMPETITIVE market with a low search volume kw's <2000 but there's over 500 IM's going for that same keyword around here.

    I myself am a cheap bastard so i have to worry about about t2/t3's for my personal stuff.
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    I am assuming by tier 2 you mean automated links? If yes then no don't do it. Keep company's work professional without such automated stuff. Just build more tier 1 backlinks. With that budget i am sure you won't need to use BH tactics.
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