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Worried about sending too much email? Don’t be, says the latest Email tracking report

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by Asif WILSON Khan, Oct 23, 2013.

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    See more at: http://dmablogs.org.uk/index.php/wo...t-email-tracking-report/#sthash.ivIRwHr5.dpuf
    Deliver content that?s relevant and interesting (entertaining even) and they will carry on subscribing to your emails. 90% of consumers subscribe to emails from brands they trust. The key is to be seen as one of these trusted brands rather than merely a marketing email.
    As the big squeeze on household budgets continues, it?s no surprise that money-off offers are the most popular type of email for the third year running.
    The big question ? to design for mobile or not ? has been doing the rounds in email marketing circles for a while as we all try to improve mobile users? experience with mobile-responsive emails, bigger CTA buttons and so on. I?m not suggesting that we forget about mobile email but we shouldn?t overestimate its importance. Many of us might read our emails on smartphones (that?s where I read the bulk of mine) but 75% of consumers still prefer to read their emails on a desktop.
    When it comes to making a purchase, 68% of mobile users would wait until they were on a laptop or desktop to buy a product they saw on their mobile. Read More: http://dmablogs.org.uk/index.php/wo...ont-be-says-the-latest-email-tracking-report/
    Source: http://dmablogs.org.uk/index.php/wo...ont-be-says-the-latest-email-tracking-report/

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