Working Twitter Bot - Giving away source?

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    I have browsed these forums for some time, in connection with twitter botting, and i have noticed that a lot of people come here, asking about a working bot for Twitter.

    I have been working on a Bot in AutoIt, which will run in the background. I think i finished the hardest part, which was to make the bot successfully sign into twitter, while running in the background.
    Its been some time since i worked on it. It was after TweetAdder stopped working back in May i think.

    I am not sure what it is, but Twitter has some sort of authentication code, which appears to be an attempt at preventing atomization from outside a Browser.
    I think i found a solution to this, and it does appear like it is working, from the testing that i have done. Obviously all i need now, is to code the GUI stuff, and add different features.

    I am seriously considering to give the Source Code out when i am done with the auto-follow and unfollow feature, so that we can avoid having to wait for fixes and updates on the existing bots (TweetAdder, etc). I also think they are totally overpriced.

    What are your thoughts on this? Of cause this could potentially also make Twitter able to break the bot faster, but those with even minimal AutoIt experience would be able to patch the code just as fast.
    I think Twitters main defense is pretty weak currently, the "authentication code" is pointless, because it can be grabbed from the HTML source of their site.
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    i am working on a bot aswell - i use python - i had an idea about a javascript based one too - contact me please