Working Line Caucasian Ovcharka's in the USA?

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    May 25, 2011
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    Is there any good breeders in the USA that have the working lines of the dogs, or does someone have to import the good strong ones? I've been looking into getting one,but so far all the places in the u.s. seem to just sell show lines of them. There's no point in getting a dog like the ovcharka if its not aggressive enough. To many people change breeds here by wanting them to have "good looks". A dog is supposed to be tough not be a fashion model.

    The German Shepherd was turned into the American Shepherd dog,after breeders kept trying to make the dog look better. And now nearly every police department has to import working lines,due to there not being enough breeders here that breed working lines. The same is going to happen with the Ovcharka in 50-75 years.
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