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    4 is a service which promotes sites on search engines, using behavioral factors for ranking. Search engines are relying less on trusted links and more on analyzing the behavior of site visitors. A site's ranking is affected by how much time a visitor spends on the site, and how that time is spent.

    What is it?
    Working Сhimp uses a manual promotion system, that is it does not use bots, but actually leads real visitors to the client's site. The service acts as an agent which distributes tasks among thousands of operators.
    When ordering promotion with Working Chimp, you can set the following parameters:
    ? Time to be spent by the operator on the site.
    ? The number of hits by page within the site. This is important for the Bounce Rate (the number of refusals).
    ? The number of hits to a web page from the search engine.

    Who is it useful for?
    This, and similar kinds of services are worth using if your site is already ranked highly in search engine results (ranked no lower than 50th), and you want to promote it in to the top 10. The specific thing that distinguishes Working Chip from similar Russian projects is that it concentrates on the West. Our service is used exclusively for the promotion of websites abroad.

    How does it work?
    The service can handle up to 500 projects at any one time. You do not just order visits, you also select the interests of the visitors so that they correspond to the theme of your site. Thus as well as promotion in search engines, you get the chance of gaining a permanent audience. You can order visits from a particular country or even city if you want to target the search to a specific region. A huge number of operators are available to do this.
    We have observed that 50-70% of our operators are interested in the ads they see on the websites and actually click on the banners and links. Our clients notice a significant increase in revenue from advertising traffic.
    The work of our operators includes visiting the site for 1-10 minutes and to make 1-10 hits on the inner pages of the site. These parameters are assigned randomly by the service. Beyond that, you can watch in real time directly on the site as the promotion of the resource takes place. The operators confirm completion of the task by presenting screen shots.

    ? More than 350,000 operators from different countries, all with unique IPs.
    ? More than 105,000 sites have been optimized through more than 100,000 requests.

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