Working at a expanding franchise, I see opportunity...!

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    Ok, So Im working at a well expanding custard franchise (don't laugh, Im only 18 :p )

    It has been successfully running for 25 years, They have 23 locations from Chicago to Arkansas and plan to expand another 15-20 stores within 3 years!

    About 11 stores are corporate owned, this company is looking for opportunities to expand and they came to Chicago to chase that opportunity (not surprised at all)... Anyway, they have their marketing in the right place, not only that, they have all the workers for each store location have meetings about once a month, very similar to mastermind meetings...

    One thing I noticed is, the managers get paid decently (if that exist anymore), and they put effort into marketing themselves, and work hard to create this mans dream to come true...

    I talked to the owner at a Christmas brunch he held that his father originally started, and he got along with me very well, even asked me which location in Chicago do I work and shook my hand before I left... I noticed he also kept staring at me at the brunch...

    All I did was went up to him, and thanked him for the brunch and told him it was appreciated, recommended him a good book and told him that I am into the online world of marketing.

    Anyway, heres the thing:

    They hired a marketing lady, then let her go cause they no longer needed her, then hired her again...

    I am not exactly sure what she does, But I do see a opportunity here and I will be able to closely work with the owner of the franchise and help them expand, I have a few plans offline and will have to see what I can do for online marketing...

    Any thoughts? What would you do In my position? This franchise is planning to expand pretty rapidly within just 3 years...

    Any thoughts would be appreciated!
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    You can be his girlfriend and then you don't have to work.
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    Grinding away in the night
    Start dating the guy, and if he ever makes it to seven figure income then marry him. Easy money.
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    98% of all people just talk nonsense unfortunally, maybe he plans to expand, maybe it wont happen. what he says that he wants to do and what will happen are two very different things. its much more likely it wont happen. also, rapidly expanding a company is a quite volatile thing to do. im being a bit negative huh?

    anyway, tell him what you can do for his comapny, start a company of your own (if you havent allready) and charge him on an hourly basis for consultancy and the other work you do.

    dont charge too little. unless you wanna date him, then be nice.
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