Work with me on a retainer : I need a marketing specialist for $$$$

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    Hey BHW,

    im looking for someone who can work with me on a retainer. I am willing to discuss the retainer with the individual who applies,

    The work I need carried out is the following on an ongoing basis;

    - Twitter and Facebook accounts creation, 1000's of the (verified). These must also be created via different proxies to avoid being banned or blocked and if possible these need to become automated to a certain extent. You will also manage these
    - 'Fake' commenting - I don't mind if you manage the delivery of the comments or do them yourself. These comments will be on my sites.
    - Fake traffic (page views) - again these must be sourced and delivered to any site requested
    - Fake gmail personas and accounts created

    All the accounts created will need to be organised on a google doc so we can collaborate.

    i am not expecting one person to carry out all of this but you should be someone I can trust, build a relationship with. You need to manage and facilitate the above.

    Very open to costs and the effort required here and if you get in touch with me we can discuss further.

    Yes I am a newbie here even though I have been registered for years, I am happy to provide and fill you in on my background/payment details before we proceed.

    Looking forward to hearing from you all,
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