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    Hmm, I wonder..
    If you ask me what the MOST important element of a website is, I would say it?s the words.

    • The words on your web pages or blog post (aka your content) help bring in free search engine traffic that you can convert into money (via product sales, Adsense clicks, affiliate sales, and so on)
    • The words that other use to link to your site (aka the anchor text) greatly influences how high you rank in the search engines when people look for things related to what your site provides.
    • The words that you use in your pages or posts affect what people think about your site or blog. This in turn affects whether or not they subscribe to your RSS feed, or subscribe to your newsletter, or link back to your site, and so on.
    • Oh, yeah, and the keywords that you target on your site determines the quality and quantity of traffic that you get from the search engines.
    So as you can see, words are probably the most important thing related to your website. Everything starts and stops with words, at least on today?s web.

    It could be keyword research, it could be the words that make up your content, it could be the words that are present in your anchor texts, but the bottom line is that without proper words, you would be nowhere.
    So with that said, if you want to make money with words, here is what you need to do, in a nutshell:

    1. Do proper keyword research
    2. Put more content on your web site, targeting your most profitable keywords
    3. As much as possible, try to influence the words used in the anchor text in links pointing to your website or blog

    Please Thank me if you enjoyed!:D