I think you should look over at digitalpoint pal !

You will find the answer there !
I have been everywhere, every site, every lead from a site to another, everybody talks tough, nobody delivers. You want $, you got it, you want to do it just for the challenge, knock yourself out, but so far, I have not found, on any sites, anybody who has a clue how to get the true registrar name of

sagwatch . n

email - editor - sagwatch . n

a private domain, 1&1 in germany is the domain co.

wordpress blog, 3.0.1.

justhost . c

it has 300 odd sub-domains, including sagwatch . n all on the same IP address


I challenge ANYONE to crack this f*cker, because, so far, the best and the brightest got nothin'. Sorry, but it's the truth. Everything that's come back to me is dumb stuff I already know - all easily available on the net, stuff I tracked down myself.

I want to know the true registrars name, the editor of the blog, the location, other members - ANYTHING REAL and verifiable.

like I said, you want clams to do it, lemme know, you just want to prove it can be done, have at it, but one of you hot shots prove you got ANYTHING

with respect
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