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WordPress theme has 3 features/functions I want my similar theme to have - how difficult?

Discussion in 'HTML & JavaScript' started by Apposl, Dec 2, 2013.

  1. Apposl

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    Aug 26, 2010
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    Corvallis, OR
    Hey all,

    This theme at eurozonecrisis.info I have a copy of has a few features I want my own theme to have. I want my similar site to have the follow from the above theme I also have:

    First, it takes logging in to view but the 'submit a link' page allows you to both submit via form and/or add a bookmarklet for your site to the browser toolbar.

    The items on the home page have 'Like, Save and Share.' I want that on my home page as well. I have the plugin that automatically generates random likes.

    'Save' from above bookmarks the item to 'Reading List' which is a separate page and the third function I want.

    How difficult a task is this?

    Alternatively, what am I looking at paying a developer so I don't get ripped off? It's not the most radical work the way I see it, since I have both themes and all plugins necessary.

    Thank you so much for any advice.