Wordpress Mass/Plugin Install?

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    Aug 5, 2008
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    Hi friends , as m new to wordpress so i need help from you guys, i read many posts about wordpress mass install to get some good traffic , i have 2 hosting account and much familiar with joomla, but not with WP, i need some basic guidelines for running multiple sites by using mass installation, here are some things that i wanna know:

    Q 1) I want to install wordpress at diff domains not with subdomains, but at same server, what mass installer i can use and will it support installation at diff domains within same server at same time or do i have to install differently if i use different domains.

    Q2) Do i have to install plugins and themes differently for all wordpress setups, if i use mass installer, is there any way to setup all plugins+Themes+Installer in one package that i can upload to server to install to get the same functions in all WP setups.

    Q3) I need Auto social posting, blog posting and SEO friendly. what plugins to use for these.
    And i wanna each WP-blog under diff niche. i dont want to make all blogs having same posts. so question is can i use RSS2Blog to auto post in each blog but diff niche. if not then which i can use.

    And please tell me what are the most useful plugins that i can use for fully automated bogs.

    hope i will get some good help . Thanks in advance

    and yes i fotgot to tell that i have SemiologicPro package but it doesnt seems to effective or i am wrong.
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    On the left hand side of this site there is a search button......

    As for mass installing addons, I just created a folder in my root directory called "plugins" and "themes" and copy it to each installation. There may be other tools out there for this, but it's guaranteed to work

    I REALLY like caffinated content for scraping posts, but thats just me. I've never used anything else
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    post a link i would love some plugins
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    Over the Rainbow

    Actually, if you go to Wordpress, and read the boards, it's amazing the information that is available for FREE!


    I'd tell you my secrets now but I'm still working on the first draft, expect a give an take offer soon.