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Jun 20, 2008
how could i transfer a wordpress blog from one server to another?sory i am not much experienced in wordpress
how could i transfer a wordpress blog from one server to another?sory i am not much experienced in wordpress

You can back it up on your desktop via FTP.

Create an FTP account on your current server and download all of the files to your desktop.

Once you do that, create an FTP on your new host server and upload them to that account.

You will also need to back up the database to your desktop and create a new database on your new host. Once you've created the new database, you can reimport your database files and the site should be back up and running.
Yea, the best thing to do, is ask your new host to transfer it for you, Or if you have root access on the new server it would be very easy.

Let us know the new host and if you have root access?
Do you have a custom or hacked theme? if not then do the following:
From old host:
The a backup of all posts etc from:
WP Admin => Manage => Export (under options make sure that all author's is selected)
Download Export File

For new Host:
Upload Wordpress via FTP/Or do it from the CPanel or whatever your host has provided (if there is an option for a one-click/application install of wordpress.
Upload Theme
Delete the preinstalled Post and Page.
Go to:
WP Admin => Manage => Import => Wordpress => Select File on Your PC that you downloaded earlier and hit Upload and Import, its pretty self explainatory from thereon.

If your host is doing it for you, you can always take that option, though I would recommend trying it out on your own, if it works, that would be knowledge n that cant hurt!

I didn't realize hosts would provide that kind of support!

you can do it by yourself but It takes hours if you have slow internet connection or you have big file on your web host. So, ask the customer support is the best choice if you want save your time!
i am using cpanel (sorry not a fan of FTP.)
so on new sever i have to install the theme and plugins again is it? but can import the prevoius posts. am i right?
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