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Sep 1, 2011
I created a simple plugin that allows you to quickly add fake comments for your post and pages, also gives you the ability
to create users on the fly(Or use a existing user).


You can download directly from: http://www.opcodevoid.com/sdm_downloads/fake-comment-creator/

The plugin is free, open source and GPL, do with it as you please
Depends on how you write your comment, it is impossible to tell the difference.

However if your comments are like

"Wow great website, I also love your other website here www.yourotherwebsite.com"

This is a spammy comment with a link

However if you write

"Great Website, I have a question, Does your plugin work with drupal"

This is a good comment, very diverse , adds content to your website and contains no link
Just added this to a new blog, this is really good idea and a brilliant plugin. While in admin post editor at the bottom you get a small box where you add the username and comment, brilliant!
Awesome idea, I was just trying to find something yesterday to write few 5 star comments.
@Africanart , I will add this feature and will pm you when done

New version http://www.opcodevoid.com/sdm_downloads/fake-comment-creator-1-2/
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*On post and pages , there will be a box at the bottom that gives you a interface to quickly add comments

* Random Ip
* Username of your choice: The user will be generate on the fly if it doesn't exist
* Date and time of the comment

Once finish simply hit update to add your comment, this saves a lot of time than manually creating the users
Not open for further replies.
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