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    Ok I think this is the best forum to post this. Google found nothing helpful.

    I have a WP blog up and running. I've made hundreds of WP blogs before, I even coded plugins so I'm not a noob and I've been trying to get it fixed but it's just making me go crazy :rolleyes:. I have a problem: Whenever I send an email the gmail dafilter shows that it's spam and the email goes into the spam folder. I never had this problem before. When I sent it to my own email from the website it says that the email was probably faked.
    The emails are sent when an user registers on my website or when I get an order.

    In the headers I see that the emails is sent to:
    <[email protected]>
    My name <[email protected]>

    Like it was for two persons. Could this make google think it's a spam.

    Anyone had similar problems before?

    Thanks :ponder:
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