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    I'm looking for someone who has previous experience in wordpress to help on a long term project. The developer would be responsible for setting up new wordpress sites on a regular basis. While it may start slow, I am a part of a venture which should bring in at least one of these projects per day fairly regularly. Be ready for work, though no promises until my partner finishes his sales side of things....

    Duties include:

    One click install of WP (fill out domain name, site name, as provided in a work order)

    Take design info (to be provided) and find/install a theme, possibly minor modifications. If you have a membership with a great template website, that's a bonus!

    Populate the install with provided content, create pages, upload images, you know the drill.

    Basically this should be something that someone with experience can run through in about 1-2 hours. I'm aiming at $20/site, after the first month goes by I'll see what I can do over that.

    Links to previous work (for design examples) is always nice to see (pref. what you've done with WP...) as well as why you think I should pick you. :D