Wordpress categories naming: should I include the main theme again and again?

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    Hey guys, I'm working on a wordpress site and I want to rank for let's say "nokia service germany". I have have 2 issues:

    1) Should I target the traffic for "Nokia Service Germany" to my first page? Like "www.nokiasomething.com" is a wordpress page named "Nokia Service Germany"?
    Or should I make my first page something like "Nokia Service" and make a sub page "www.nokiasomething.com/nokia-service-germany" with the "Nokia Service Germany" title.

    2) I'm thinking I need more pages to make it look more like a big site so I'm adding some categories for news, tutorials and such related to the main topic, "nokia" which is present in the url.

    Should I name the categories like:
    nokia apps
    nokia guides
    nokia news



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    Well, if you're targeting "Nokia Service Germany" for example, you'd want "Nokia Service Germany" to be your title.

    It looks like you have the main idea down. I'd definitely go with the first set of categories you listed (nokia apps, nokia guides, nokia news, etc..). The second set is too vague, and could be about anything. You want the search engines to know your site is about Nokia products.
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    1). Personnaly, i would use nokia(product)germany.com .. like nokiaphonesgermany.com or nokia-phones-germany.com because "service" is too much generic and untargetted. You can also create a folder /service/ with relative content inside like /repair /unlock etc...

    For the main title, i would use something to fit with the main top concept, like " Nokia phones Germany | Sell & Repair .. Like that, it will be relevant to the most popular search for products that often fit with "sell (product name) and repair (product name).

    2). You can use subfolders with or without nokia because nokia it's already in your url. It will not change a lot of things. The most important is to have pages optimised for the targetted content. Like:

    Nokia phone apps | Download apps for nokia phones

    Note that there's different ways to do things and to have succes.. It's just few clues from my own.

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