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    I've got a guy going to pay me $200 to do some work for his site, so I can pay $100 to whoever can do this, of course it will be after he pays me, but it can be through Paypal, or whatever your preference is.

    Here's the instructions for what will need to be done

    Website Needs & Upgrades

    User Profiles For Subscribers
    ? Ticker to count down wedding date (something like this http://
    or this http://global.theknot.com/tickers/tickerticker.aspx?
    &T3=&CC=6&CO=333333&CO2=666666&W=&TS=&R=&SC=green ) Perhaps there
    is a choice of a few ticker designs they can choose from
    ? Wedding Date entry they can enter in their wedding date when they sign up for their
    personal account. This wedding date entry will need to be stored in our website
    database so that we can keep track of the lifespan of our customers.
    ? Checklist of deal categories in which they are looking for specific deals. Subscriber
    will check off deals they are looking for and will be sent an automated email alert
    when that deal type is running.
    ? Entering and storing emails of wedding party, friends, and family (group purchasing,
    gifting). ?Contact list?
    ? Deal registry to alert friends and family that they would like them to purchase a
    certain deal for the couple
    ? Ability to keep track of all purchased deals in order to indicate the amount of money
    saved to be shown on their profile. Should be a section that shows how much money
    they have saved by using iDo Daily Deal (this will be taken from the regular price of
    the deals that they are purchasing and the actual deal prices that they are saving). A
    box on the right that says: So far, you?ve saved $___________ off your wedding, with iDo
    ? Customizable profile (choice in color of profile, upload profile picture, choose a
    ticker, etc.)
    ? Store credit card information
    ? Personal iDo iDeas boards located on profile pages (they can choose and name their
    own boards)

    iDo iDeas
    ? Copy/paste functionality (pictures from websites to iDo iDeas board main board as
    well as the subscriber?s personal board)
    ? Personal boards created by each user separated by category
    ? Capability for subscribers to ?Like? other subscribers pictures that they post and re-
    post the pictures that they like onto their own personal boards
    ? Re-posting capabilities from user to user
    ? Link from picture to site or blog of picture?s origin
    ? ?pin it? button function called ?iDo? button
    ? Ability to upload their own photos (one at a time)

    Featured Vendors
    ? Merchant reviews (subscribers can review and rate featured vendors)

    Display company information (website, phone number, contact name, etc.)
    Filter by price-point (vendors who pay more monthly will be listed higher than
    those who pay less)
    Ability for merchants to upload photos to a small gallery on their profile page
    Messaging system (like eBay has from buyer to seller) so that if a subscriber has a
    question for the vendor or wants to check date availability with a vendor they can
    just messages them using their user name and the vendor can message them back.
    Automated payment system that displays vendors in the featured vendors section
    while their subscription is active. (We are going to charge $149 for 3 months or
    $499 for a year)
    On the merchant account, they should be able to create boards from iDo iDeas and
    display them to subscribers.

    iDo Gear Shop
    ? Check out payment portal
    ? Shopping cart linked with existing cart
    ? Gallery of merchandise separated into categories

    iDo ReDo
    ? Payment portal
    ? Capability for user to set up profile for item being sold
    ? Listing of categories for all items on sale (gallery)
    ? Listing of cities so that subscribers can distinguish which city they are doing the sale
    ? Ability to search items
    ? If the item is small enough to ship, there should be a way to specify that and post to
    all areas.

    Miscellaneous Features
    ? Availability calendar: Minimalistic calendar for vendors to block out unavailable
    dates for brides to see when they run deals. Have a button on the deal page that
    says ?check availability? and a calendar pops up with available dates. During
    checkout brides can select the date they want and after the purchase is processed
    their date becomes pending for the vendor and becomes blocked out for other users
    to see.

    Add me on skype: bertostare
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    Way to cheap! Good luck!
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    I am sorry but you are looking for impossible. The list is huge and I would not go into this without at least $2000, good luck.
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    And you told hem that you can do that for $200? LOL
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    You dun goofed :rolleyes:
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    Do it yourself and keep the entire cash. He he I just let you know how to make $100. Thanks and rep will be appreciated.
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    It is currently rainy with a chance of more rain

    If they're going to be charging that much, charge them based on that. They should be able to easily afford at least few thousand. Which is around how much this is going to cost them.