Word to the un-Wise

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    I browse around here a couple hours a day, and must say tons of new tricks and twists, valuable information everywhere.

    Yet daily I see users with 4 posts saying "i'm too stupid to do this, i wish i had those results"


    95% of these methods here require no investment outside of your time! All the software is available, most of the information is spoon fed to you.

    The first thing you need to do (which i learned months ago) is to stop bookmarking or saving the links and reading 20 different ideas, and if you have to print it out, and save only that link. Work that one method for a few weeks or month and see what happens.

    -Don't half ass it and say I can't figure it out
    -Don't compile all the tools and information then never go through with it
    -Don't expect huge yields in 1 day or even a week, the people here posting these methods are typically posting them after they have gained success and learned the successes and pitfalls, so they're going to be earning more because they didn't just start this
    -Don't reinvent the wheel, pick a new shape to create and be unique
    -Don't overdue shit and get banned right away then be stuck without affiliate accounts

    -If a member posts a site like the autoblogging method post using REDDIT, go look at reddit, see how it works, understand your goal, and twist it to your advantage. Don't copy what ernest said and completely expect your 5 autoblogs to reach his hundreds or thousands earnings

    If you have no money you should be more motivated than anyone trying to make it, stick to it, don't quit!

    And as always don't forget to work the google on the internet machine!