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    I have used The Best Spinner and think its capabilities as an article rewriter are fantastic. With that said, are there other options? I want to rewrite on a word, phrase and sentence level. Maybe even switch around paragraphs occasionally.

    Currently, I use WAC to just create a bunch of spun stuff. I think it is quite good, but don't submit to article directories and web 2.0 properties because the mass produced stuff is not what I would read myself. It too frequently looks like ESL or, now that I know better, spun stuff.
    Anyway, I put my WAC stuff out there with GSA SER. I think I want to rewrite my own articles and then build links to those articles with WAC and GSA.

    I think I can still do commenting to my main site with GSA, but will take more control over my Web 2.0 and ariticle submisisions that connect directly to my main site.

    I don't really need a spinner, I have WAC, but I do need a great rewriter. If the rewriter also spins that is fine, but secondary in importance. What are my options?

    Also, does commenting with WAC generated comments seem OK to my money site, but leaving the article and web 2.0 stuff for me. What about running GSA and WAC on my web 2.0 and article submissions.
    Is that a decent linking strategy.

    After thought:
    Are there any rewriters that also submit to properties that take article type content. (Web 2.0, blog, article directories)
    I'm pretty happy with WAC and GSA, if i can get a rewriter that also submits would I be able to forego an investment in Ultimate Demon or SE Nuke???