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    If you are like me, there aren?t quite enough working hours in the year to get what you want to get finished done. You are working 24-7, in search of fresh traffic sources right and left, setting up new campaigns, and doing a great deal of research. With all of that, you?ve got a lot of boring tasks that you shouldn?t be doing. If you're at the point where you are earning a few hundred dollars a day, it may be time for you to think about outsourcing.

    Incorporating an outsourced employee to your business is a big step, and for individuals without any real world management or business college experience, you?re gonna be out in left field about what you need them to do. To optimize just what we are having our contractors do, we need to recognize what tasks are most important to us. Exactly what couldn?t we live without and how could we have somebody else, at the very least, assist in carrying out that task?

    If you?re outsourcing, you are probably outsourcing to other countries alot of the time. The important thing here is to give the new employee a gradual approach into what you need done, and keep all their duties specific and exact. Overburdening one individual with lots of different tasks can be overwhelming and can put a strain on just how much they're able to have finished for you. Think about this. You would not employ one person in-house to build landing pages, do your keyword research, and do your bookkeeping, would you?

    So where should you begin? Hiring 3 different contractors is probably not something you are able to undertake at this time. Get started with just one and work your way up. When I hired my first two employees, one was hired for graphic design. He would do all my landing pages, logos, banners, and Facebook ads for me. My second employee did my other easier, less difficult tasks.

    So a simple review:

    • Establish the most important daily tasks you have to do to earn money.
    • Find several tasks that is easy for someone else to perform, and do not overload your outsourcer.
    • Get rid of menial, boring tasks which will enable you to do more of your important things.
    • Employ additional in-house outsourcers when you can afford it.

    I am seriously going to stress the in-house factor here too. My in-house employee costs me a little more, however he gets twice as much work done because he has me personally giving him orders and I can monitor his progress throughout the day.
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