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On the sales thread it says

We do Not work Friday And Saturday (EveryThing is made to Order, So you get the Full Length of your Account)
And I’m the website it says

We Do not work Saturday/Sunday. For Support Add us to Telegram or Make a Support Ticket

But I will have it for you later today
Ordered and payed about 60 hours ago the Semrush Guru option. Until now no delivery and contact by mail or telegram without response.
If someone needs the product within 24 hours i wouldnt count on it.
I sent you a refund.(flagged as vpn/proxy and fraud) stripe sent a refund automatically. That’s why you never got it. Also no telegram msg or email or support ticket. You were fast to come here you could have msged me here too.
Can confirm. Refund received.

I messaged to the following addresses. Are they incorrect?


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How does YT premium work. Is it applied to our own email/account or do you make a new account for us and provide the user/pw?
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