WooCommerce dynamically pointing from one product to other related products?

Discussion in 'Web Design' started by IamAlu, May 31, 2017.

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    Aug 23, 2016
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    Hi, problem is as follows.

    im not very experienced with woocommerce and ive been asked to optimize a woocommerce shop with thousands of products in it.
    the link structure is total crap so i have to rebuild it from scratch.

    biggest problem: within the items there are always links to other related products, for example if one browses the shoppage for a wireless xbox controller, he would also see a link to the proper batteries and PC adapter to use.
    currently this is done by a simple link to the product pages, so if i would change one product link i would get tons of 404 as a result.
    so i have to edit every link anyway, but if im going to do it i want to do it properly so this crap wont happen again.
    is there any way to make single items / item groups directly relate to each other, using any ID system or whatever that would go directly by using WooCommerce item IDs, article numbers or whatever?

    for example instead of using:
    <a href="https://blablablashop.de/super/shit/link/structure/of/hell/and/endless/pain/and/suffering/item/348568/">Click here for blablabla</a>
    use something (by using a plugin or so) like:
     Show_item:345345 Type:textlink("Click here for blablabla")

    thanks in advance