WooCommerce - best way to name jewelry related products

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    I'm in the process of creating a web commerce site. I'm going to be using Yoast plugin and WooCommerce. The niche is Jewelry.

    The hardest thing at the moment is how to name my jewelry products. My customer is selling on Etsy.com where you have to stuff keywords to the product description. For example some of their products are named:

    18K gold diamond pave ring, diamonds pave ring, pave wedding band eternity stacking ring, rose white gold, engagement anniversary

    What would be the best way for me to find out which keywords are the best? Maby Google's keyword planner? The Etsy.com description is not going to work on WooCommerce... I have to find a specific keyword for one item, use it with Yoast plugin and do the same for the next item.

    thanks for any suggestions that you might throw my way
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