Wont Work For Money... Don't Need Much Pointers!

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    LOL sorry I had to mock the other thread title with a twist:)

    Anyways, I am thinking of ways I could make some fast easy money. Please don't respond with your attention seeking fantasies and lies. Respond only if you have actually done it!

    Attention site flippers,ezine owners,jv lists owners:

    Should I buy accounts or blogs and if so what should I look for to ensure I am getting targeted traffic with it. I am looking for established ready-to-go business. i.e. All I need is to provide an offer of some sort.

    What's the lowest end price points, what to look for etc,

    Another thought is getting a blog customized, but, I don't know how I would get traffic if the buyer is not providing.

    Last but not least buying leads. Could I buy ezine leads, is that still a valid method? What about someones email list or JV?

    If you can think of something or give me some tips let me know. I am open to all options listed.

    Happy New Year

    P.S. How can I check every stat, conversion, click in, and, when someone click off sites pages without purchasing,etc, would that be Alexa only?
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