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    Looking for a quote and for someone able to do this:

    Basically automating a workflow. Ideally this person would have knowledge of userform/ some other way of accepting forms from users, most likely a website. These submissions will have several pictures and some dates/other text info in them. What I would need done is an automated process that 1. collects this information from a website or email in an easy to use way for the customer 2. imports this information into programs(i have all programs needed, just need to have all steps automated) that generate numbers and PDF417 barcodes, generating a new folder with that barcode and a new CVS file from that information. Possible other things needed for photoshop integration, so knowledge of photoshop is a huge plus. This would all need to be an extremely simple and seamless flow. 3. logistics with setting up web hosting and preventing some attacks associated with the content.

    Quotes on all of this or parts?
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