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Wonder why your facebook, twitter, youtube, google+ accounts are randomly suspended?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by killcrush, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. killcrush

    killcrush Newbie

    Aug 31, 2012
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    Thought I'd share some advice based on experience and observation as far as creating multiple accounts on any of the big social networking sites. If you're already using anonymous transparent proxies, clearing your browser cookies before logging in, cycling through your IPs for each account and STILL seeing some accounts get RANDOMLY banned, or ask for phone or photo verification (facebook) there are some additional elements that are at play that you may not be aware.

    Sites like facebook will attempt to do browser fingerprinting to search for patterns and generate thresholds through which a ban or an initation of the verification system (photo verification, sms / phone verification) is started.

    SO annoying, right?

    I thought maybe this guide will help you take a few extra steps to avoid this from happening (found the guide online, reposted it here) :

    1. [*=left]Download and use a common Web browser, such as Firefox or Internet Explorer. The more people worldwide using the same browser program as you lessens the chance of unique fingerprints forming. Keep this in mind before you download any uncommon plug-ins, fonts or add-ons to your browser, as this can increase the odds of having a unique browser fingerprint. To gain the most protection, keep your browser as basic as possible by limiting the number of add-ons you install.
      [*=left]Disable JavaScript when you aren't using the program. JavaScript is one of the main methods websites use to gather browser fingerprints. By disabling it, you prevent that from happening. Unfortunately, JavaScript is also needed to properly run most websites, so you will constantly need to be reactivating it while you surf the Web.
      [*=left]Download NoScript if you'd rather not disable and enable JavaScript constantly. NoScript is a tool that you can add to Internet browsers that gives you full control over your JavaScript settings. NoScript allows you to set which websites are allowed to run Javascript and which are not. If you're not sure which sites to trust, NoScript provides you with helpful suggestions to prevent against browser fingerprinting.
      [*=left]Download and install Torbutton, which is an aggressive program to help fight against browser fingerprinting. Torbutton lets you set whether or not you want your Internet browser to leak information about your computer, such as IP addresses, cookies or other private information. By making this information private, you help your computer protect against browser fingerprinting.
      [*=left]Browse in private mode whenever possible. While in private mode, your Internet browser won't record any of the websites you visit or any other information you share. Private browsering is included in nearly every Internet browser, and you can find it under the "Options" or "Tools" menu.

    Hope this helps!
    Happy safe/anonymous browsing!

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  2. wMercw

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    Apr 10, 2012
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    I am a Entrepreneur and IM
    Nice thanks for the tips man!