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wonder how to rank local site and then rent it out

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by loginname, Jul 26, 2013.

  1. loginname

    loginname Regular Member

    Oct 1, 2008
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    (I posted a similar post earlier today but I cannot find it, so if it still exists then admin can remove this thread)

    I've been reading some threads here about how to rank local sites, but still there are something I wonder about

    Want to create a site and have it ranked top on google for the keyword phrase: niche + city, like trondheimtannlege (trondheim dentist)

    I 'm talking about local organic search, not the the area on page one where there is a google map and list businesses there.

    So I want to create such site and rank it as high as possible then I want to contact local businesses which are paying for ads on google to rent my site

    must be able to switch client site quicly, my site will do a redirect to the local business renting the site. but as soon as they don't pay I what to be able to switch to another client website

    Assume backlinks from the country the site is targeting is important

    any feedback/suggestions are welcome
  2. Endire

    Endire Elite Member Premium Member

    Mar 27, 2012
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    Things that help local sites rank are having a local presence and promoting that on local business listing websites such as Google Places, having reviews, using local keyword phrases like you mentioned, having a location specific domain name (such as a country specific one if ranking a site in another country), local citations, geotagging etc.

    As far as renting it out, I'm not sure I have many suggestions for you there. Maybe you could find some guidance on this site about it,


    Hope that helps,

  3. SEOHappiness

    SEOHappiness Regular Member

    Jan 3, 2012
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    Hi There. At one point I thought about doing a similar thing, just never got around to it. I also thought about doing a yellow pages type site for a particular niche + City, ranking it, then selling the listings. For example Lawn Care + City, then get a hold of lawn care business to pay to be listed on the site. With that said I never got around to it. Why? Basically because I am good at SEO, not so great at selling ( at least this kind of selling - which would involve cold calls and such ). I could hire a sales person... but anyways...

    Ranking local SEO is a easy in compared to other SEO. And I totally agree with the above poster about how to do it. Keep in mind that in order to actually sell the site you are going to have to do some good old fashion hard selling. Also, you might have better luck if you can also sell them a bundle package that includes a ranked youtube video. Local SEO for youtube video's is SO easy, and you can purchase really good looking professional video's on fiverr . Just a thought. Good luck! Let me know how this goes!!!!
  4. sudorank

    sudorank Power Member

    Jun 24, 2013
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    It's okay, i wrote atleast one of those threads :cool:

    Both are a complete doddle for most cities. A good SEO attempt for local terms uses techniques that span ranking for both those types of listing, you probably know this already if you read any thread I've written on the subject.

    The only problem with this is your pool of customers will be small. Once you churn your way through it your basically out of ideas to monetise the thing. Are there any skills you have yourself you could sell personally? Even silly things like window cleaning, grass cutting or gardening will work.

    In my local area there is a brilliant niche for "man and van" with no competition and 500 searches a month! A nice little number for someone with a van and a few hours spare time!

    Have a think about it...

    If you 301 the site it will basically give the rankings to the leasing company. Far better to treat the website as a hybrid "affiliate site". This means you push leads through to the leasing company, works well in things like double glazing, conservatories and blind fitting, done it myself.

    Not a huge amount of money in it though! For the amount of work involved you might be better picking an evergreen niche with plenty of searches and putting together an authority site.

    Even better to put together a "local" authority website. That's how i earn most of my money these days.

    Nope, thinks from anywhere will fly perfectly well.

    To rank for a local term is pretty easy though, your looking at less than 100 links and often far, far fewer than that again!

    Citations are useful, as are local directory listings like yell.com, yelp and the like.

    If you want a good guide search for all posts under my name. I wrote a pretty in-depth article on rankings for local business. It focuses on business in Britain but the techniques and even some of the websites used are applicable to America too.

    any feedback/suggestions are welcome[/QUOTE]
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  5. noname0007

    noname0007 Newbie

    Mar 22, 2014
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