woman wants to rent out her office, money making opportunity for me

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    Jun 25, 2012
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    There is this woman that does multiple things like notary, living trust, divorce, one of those offices that you can go to if you need help filling out legal forms.
    she has a small room in her office that she wants to rent out. Now the thing is, she would be doing this behind her landlord's back. The landlord does not allow subletting. So far, she has been renting to this guy...but the guy is moving, and she is desperately looking for someone. She told me she will pay me money if I find someone. This money won't be much and I am not worried about it.

    I was thinking maybe I could suggest some new ideas to her. something big - like making a virtual office. I could set up the virtual office and promote it. But the thing is, a virtual office would be noticed by her landlord....so that's why I am here.

    What is something that I could do with this office space to make money?
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    Well the lady seems like a hustler, so why not turn the room into a cam studio for her and be her manager? ;) ;)