Woman finds nearly $100,000, gives it back

I really respect and admire her. I can only hope I would be as honest. After hearing similar stories like this in the past I've asked myself if I would do the same, I hope if ever tested, I would give it back.
That much money in a purse, with NO identification in it sure as hell reeks of "some sort of payoff, drug money, trafficing, etc. That chick was more than lucky - she must have an angel on her shoulder to be able to leave that kinda cash behind and find one of the few honest people left in the world who finds it. I say she better go to church!

The women would've died because of not finding her pimp/suger-daddy's money in time :eek: she better kiss this lady's honest feet. Let's rejoice that a life was saved, but I can't believe If i found the money the woman would've been dead today. :O
back in the 1990s there was a news story about some girl finding a knapsack in the woods
that contained a million dollars. she gave it to the police and the cops said if nobody
claimed it in 90 days, then she could keep it. *definitely* drug money! :D

a few years ago there was a blurb on the radio about a moneybag that fell out of an
armored truck. some guy found it and gave it to the bank -- they gave him a $1,000.

18 years ago (more or less) some guy found a woman's purse and gave it back to her.
he was accused of taking it in the first place and he got several years in jail. after he got
out he sued the city.
Hmmm... most people with that kind of money don't carry it in cash. Even if they did, leaving it behind is far fetched, unless she's was used to that kind of money or that dump was long overdue, in which case would be understandable. But more than likely something illegal was taken place.
A lot of people (including me :D) would probably think about taking it or some. But that kind of money is sure to bring some trouble later, so she most likely saved a couple lives turning that in. Who knows.
I would, without a doubt, find out who it belonged to. I would try myself, though. It's going straight to the police. Any one that forgets $100k is up to something. Most likely drug money and I would not want to be the one with it when they come looking for it.
$100,000.00 - My take on this whole thing may seem bizarre to some, but there is a reason that the idiot left the money there, because the old lady was meant to have it and she blew it by giving it all back to some dumbass that didn't deserve the money. We can see that the young woman does not give a shit just by her telling the old lady that she needed the whole thing. Give me a freakin' break! If you really needed the money that bad, then why the hell did you lose it in the first place!

If I had $100,000.00 I would tie it to my cock or stuff it in my ass to keep from losin' it!
1. she could have left the purse there.

2. she could have told a staff about it.
wow i really cant believe she gave back 100k but i did once pay back like 300$ when i found it in school +rep
Back in 1996 when i was at Melbourne AU, there was 2 barrels found at Balaclava train station with $200,000 in each barrel.

I was there the morning they were found, probably 30 feet away from $400k and didn't know about it... Still pisses me off to this day. It's in Wiki also under the history heading: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Balaclava_railway_station,_Melbourne
I would, without a doubt, find out who it belonged to. I would try myself, though. It's going straight to the police. Any one that forgets $100k is up to something. Most likely drug money and I would not want to be the one with it when they come looking for it.

That why I said I would quick FLIP it then return it
wow that's crazy. A+ for her for giving it ALL back...cause it's very easy to umm *cough* lose *cough* a few grand. Her karma is sparkling right now.
Reminds me of a book I read called "A simple Plan'. Very good read if anyone actually reads books anymore. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Simple_Plan

There was also a movie made but as usual wasn't nearly as good as the book.

I have to say in my current financial situation I would have had a real hard time giving back that $100k. And I am a firm believer in karma.
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Dammit, the largest sum of money I've ever found somewhere was only like $88 as a kid...if I ever lose $97,000.00 I hope that old lady finds it for me :) ....
The best bit is

She offered me $1,000, but told me she needed every penny

LOL If she needed every penny then she wouldn't have left it there!
its funny how everyone else on this forum keeps saying its drug money drugs is not the only way you could make that kinda of money man how about murder for hire check fraud stolen credit cards or stealing the money from someone else?:D
I think the granny was just scared that if she took the money, God would send her to hell if she croaks before confessing about it. And at her age, who knows when she kicks the bucket. So I'm not so sure she necessarily did it because she was a "good person", just a scared one.

Supersticious religious people amaze me ...
Lol she would have been doing a favor by taking it, probably just drug money.
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