Woman finds nearly $100,000, gives it back


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Jan 9, 2008
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Somebody would had been ASOL if it was me. I probably would had flip the money then returned it


- What would you do if you found a purse with thousands of dollars inside? Would you keep it or give it back?
It was never a question for one Murfreesboro woman.
Billy Watts, a grandmother of 12, said she tries to lead by example.
She found the purse with nearly $100,000 in it in a Cracker Barrel bathroom last week and gave it back.
"I thought, 'I've never seen so much in my life. Just so much of it'," she told News 2. "If you don't do the right thing, you're going to be judged by it, and as old as I am, I have to account for everything."
Watts said the money was in the purse, hanging on the hook of a restroom stall door.
"It was a tapestry, real pretty bag. How anybody walked off and forgot it, I don't know," she said.
Watts said she searched the bag for a name or address, but I couldn't find one. That is when she spotted the money.
"I thought, ‘If I turn it in up here, the wrong person might get a hold of it, and it might not go to the rightful owner'," she explained, so she took it home.
She counted the money with her husband, which was $97,000 in all, and then called Cracker Barrel to leave her information.
"I said, ‘I won't tell you what I found in the bathroom, but give them my number if someone calls'," she recalled.
15 minutes later, Watts said a woman called her apartment. She identified the bag and a picture inside.
Watts said she met her at the Cracker Barrel parking lot and said she was offered a reward, but didn't take it.
"She came up and hugged me. She offered me $1,000, but told me she needed every penny she could so I thought, it's not my money. If she needs it that badly, it knew she didn't really want to give it, so I didn't take it," said Watts.
She said while she could've used the money, the thought of keeping it only crossed her mind for a moment.
well even though we ARE in BH, i still think the woman did the right think, +rep for her if she's here :D
ha and 100k in cash?! thats super shady, you cant even deposit more than $9,999 in cash without speaking to the bank manager and filing out some forms. Def something illegal going on here.
lol, at least she's not some BH bastard like we all are lol
It's got to be drug money! The chick that forgot the purse had to have been high.
If I had 100k in cash on me, I sure as shit would be getting to where ever I need to be going with that cash fast - not stopping off for a dump at CRACKER BARREL, come on!
Also, if you have 100k in cash on you .. how could you possible forget it?( Unless you where cracked out) It would be the only thing on my mind!

Chick is lucky she got her pimps money back. Would have been real bad for her losing 100k!
Definitely illegal cash, but you have to be brainless in order to lose 100k. Damm I would be happy if I would be in her shoes at that time. Yet still I think I would give it back... dunno. :)
the posts on that page said the story is fake,
someone said the restaurant never heard of
this person????
without a doubt, i wouldve kept it. would be a very very merry xmas
That if anything else should be criminal! Who the h*** is so god damn stupid so they give back money they find?

I once find a Gucchi watch an semi new BMW I bought and a couple of day's after I had bought that car the seller called me and asked if I had found a watch in the car. I said no!

Why should one give stuff like that back? If one is rich enough to loose an expensive watch one is rich enough to buy a new one. The same goes for 100K. If beeing rich enough to loose it one must have enough money to not really care (or even if not having much money one must at least not care so much about money) so why ever give it back?
Well I believe in karma and I have tested karma both ways to see if it works :)
If I found a few thou I would give it back but 100K? I would have to think about that.
I build houses as my main income. The man I have been using to install my septic systems for years came across a 'money bag' with over $100,000 in it. Of course, the people who stole it threw it out the window and he found it in his front yard. Yes, he gave it back.

A0rta: that is screwed up. I might think the car in your driveway is to my taste. Afterall, if you bought it the first time, surely you can buy it again.
You don't have to believe in something as inane as karma in order to do the right thing and give it back.

I am an atheist and I don't believe in any bullshit, whether it be mythological sky-daddies or mythical "forces" like karma. The real world is much more fascinating and empowering than any religion or superstition could ever be.

You give the bag back because most people (with a normal sense of morality) innately feel it is the right thing to do. This moral compass is hard-wired into us from years of evolution and progress.

Humans used to live in much more tightly-knit communal groups, so it was quickly discovered that you all gain more by treating others how you would like to be treated.
the point is,

with such an amount of money its likely that it's hot..and that either the police, government, men in black, mafia, gangs or drug dealers whoever are VERY LIKELY looking for it, intensively.

I would probably be scared shitless keeping the money...thinking that someone could find out that i found it... :)
my brother in law works at that Cracker Barrel. In fact, I know several people that work there.. too bad one of them didnt find it instead, huh?
we already joked that we would be in Miami riding down the road in a rented Aston martin with a large bag of money in the back seat blowing out in the wind everywhere
I would've kept it and rejoiced, with no remorse or guilt whatsoever. I would consider it my own little blessing for all the hard work I have done, no religion needed, if the person is too careless then that's their fault. I believe in finder's keepers. I would've had myself a merry little xMas, not so lil' :) - it's obviously dirty money... :) or that person is SERIOUSLY stupid.

P.S. I wonder if by a slight chance it could've been a celebrity, like Paris Hilton... that isn't too far-fetched.... right? :p
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That much money in a purse, with NO identification in it sure as hell reeks of "some sort of payoff, drug money, trafficing, etc. That chick was more than lucky - she must have an angel on her shoulder to be able to leave that kinda cash behind and find one of the few honest people left in the world who finds it. I say she better go to church!
Personally I think it was a drop-off. Maybe she left it there on purpose expecting somebody on the other side of some "deal" possibly to pick it up casually...

Drug money definitely.

As for giving it back, man, I'd just say I only found $10,000 ;)
HOLY SHEET, thats right in my backyard. The funny thing is I used to do maintenance on all the Cracker barrels in middle TN and I never found no purse with 100k... If I did you mofos wouldnt be reading this message right now... LMFAO
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