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Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by WizGizmo, Jul 10, 2008.

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    Mar 28, 2008
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    Hey B-Hatters!

    I was just hanging out at the Internet Marketing Newswatch site and read an interesting blurb.

    This is great news for ebook authors.

    The new Adobe Acrobat v9 now includes the ability to EMBED flash video in ebooks you create in it. Prior to this version, it had to use a pop-up dialogue box which asked for permission and would then play a video in windows media player. But now it is truly embedded and self-contained right in the file itself.

    Here is a link to the IM Newswatch article.


    Just thought I would give you a heads-up . . . and sorry guys, I can't post it here. This app would go against the forum download rules. But check out the info. It's definitely going to change ebook authoring forever!

    Cheers! - "WizGizmo"
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    Brit in Thailand

    I am just preparing a very intense document on behalf of a high-end residential and hotel construction company to present to one of the largest banks in the world in respect of fractional ownership of million dollar vacation properties, aircraft, sports cars and luxury cruise yachts. It is graphics-rich and I wanted to embed a Flash movie and couldn't work out how other than to link to another website.

    I want to be one of the first with this. It's great news. Even better news, I grabbed it from here FREE!:

    Still searching for a Mac version, which I would prefer...Hold on, found it!

    Thanks for the heads-up WizGizmo.