Without actually saying your country, what country do you live in?

You stole this from reddit lol.

I hope we don't just become a site where everyone copies and pastes the top reddit threads to boost their engagement and views.
There is no issue even if he took idea for the thread from another site. All the responses will be different and this forum will get traffic and engagement because of this. No one is harmed in this.
In the country of liquid bread.


Deer Sir Bro :D

rakija, chalga, reckless driving

Would you like fries with that?



Unity in diversity.


kebab doner country

Greatest Scammer's :D

Dracula's land

Unless you one of those ones who some legit sociopath of a mod tries to go capt Byron Hadley on for no reasons but only because something completely unsuspecting you said hit their ego.... and gets revenge by removing some completely random post of yours on the lounge (no better or worse than anything said on this thread for example) as removed for 'spam' / post count inflation' (in the lounge? where there was no shilling or even linking??) just because they wanna see your warning points build up :anyway: As a side quest tell me which mod it is without telling me what mod it is. It's an easy one one. There's only one on here that acts like he's shere khan and this is his jungle.
Only one thing came to my mind while reading this which is a popular Hindi dialogue.
" kehna kya chahte ho "

Means what do you want to say.
Budhdist prayers and festivals, indoor cannabis sessions, Bulk Gem Bazars, Tacky Tourists, Cheap Beer
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