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Without a trace... resellers with no return address

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by Guddamit, May 20, 2008.

  1. Guddamit

    Guddamit Newbie

    Apr 11, 2008
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    Whose responsible for faulty goods? The manufacturer, or the retail supplier?
    This is one of the age old questions that purchasers face at one time or another.
    While some would argue that the manufacturer is responsible, others, would argue the retailer, and on it goes.

    Recently I purchased a product that one installed on my computer it would not work. After 3 installs I contacted the manufacturer who I presumed was the programmer and stated my case complete with the contents of the error message. This was through a [email protected]'saddress.com email address. A day passed. I thought, well at least 24 hours will get some response, and all I got was an automated response stating that as I had purchased the product through a reseller the manufacture could not help. I gathered my original email had at this stage not been answered.

    My next port of call was to email the reseller on his email at [email protected]. Again I stated the problem and left all relevant information and error message content.
    i recieved an automated answer stating that I was assigned a help desk ticket along with access address, username and password so that I could view the status of the ticket. Ah, I thought. Progress!

    Another 24 hours and nada, zip, not a peep from the help desk. The only messages on the ticket were mine.
    So I wrote again to the manufacturer and repeated my case. I received a message from the manufacturer stating that I had just sent an email in aswer to automated response and was lucky that he had spotted my email. He said he had not encountered my problem before, and included a later edition of the program.

    Cool. Now we're cooking.. or so I thought. Uninstalled the old version and reinstalled the new. Exactly the same problem, program died in exactly the same spot with the same error message.

    I promptly sent a message back to the manufacturer via the same [email protected]'saddress.com that the manufacturer had replied to.
    72 hours later. no reply. The program still doesn't work. So I email [email protected] once more, cos he's the guy I paid. In this email I state that I need the program fixed, or the means to ensure it will run on my computer, or I want my money back as per the guarantee (product name removed at this stage):

    "100% No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

    Don't think, don't decide, don't contemplate -- just try it today ! Use **productX** for a full 30 days. Simply apply the provided tutorials and use the software that will ******* instantly.

    I am positive that you will immediately see the value of owning **productX**. However, if you are dissatisfied in any way, you'll get my 100% guarantee. Email me within 30 days from your date of purchase, and I will gladly refund your purchase. I take my customers and business very seriously and you can expect a swift response from me within 24 hours max.

    No questions asked."

    Yeah right. There is no return address save the [email protected] address that I now have added 3 more messages.

    My next step is contacting PayPal/Clickbank and getting them to sort it out for me.

    Fortunately I enjoy writing and from this experience 3 distinct ebook ideas, a series of articles and a software product to rival this one have become apparent. So out of every rain cloud a ray of sunshine brightens the day.:D
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