Withdrawing from stealth p account to bank account ( how not to get limited?)un

Discussion in 'Ebay' started by luca26, Dec 13, 2011.

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    Oct 11, 2009
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    Ive been selling on e13ay lately using a fake account and also a fake pp account. The account is verfied with a real bank account. The account is almost 3 months old probably more. I have 100$ in it and $400+ pending (21days hold), how do I withdraw this money safely to my bank account without getting limited? Will it be safe to purchase goods from DHGate aswell with this money?
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    Sep 14, 2008
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    If your talking about withdrawing the $100, you can withdraw it to your real bank account with no problem. i only had problems if a fake bank account was attached(such as *trade), purchasing or withdrawing with just *trade verifying your PP account will most likely get you limited automatically. Purchasing on DHgate never got my PP accounts limited, i wouldnt worry bout that. As far as the money pending with the 21 day hold, i have no idea how to get around that besides to wait for them to be released.